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About Occupational Therapy

The butterfly logo represents transformation.
People coping with illness or disability face daily challenges to every aspect of their lives. Activities which most of us take for granted become difficult, tiring or impossible. Often their role in the family and community changes dramatically. When the focus of their lives is on medical issues and disability they may feel a loss of self-esteem and control.

Occupational Therapy offers an opportunity to empower the person and their family to focus on the positives. Enabling help is provided to promote ability, independence, control and quality of life. Problem-solving together and setting achievable goals may transform the life of the client in significant ways.

Bendigo Regional Occupational Therapy is a client and family-centred practice offering a diverse range of services. The Private Practice was established in 1996.

About BROT

Lynne Cooper has over 30 years experience in health, education and consultancy working in hospital and community settings in Victoria, United Kingdom, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

Her working style is to:

  • spend time listening to what the client needs and wants;
  • work in a team with the client, family, doctor and allied health workers;
  • achieve outcomes as quickly as possible; and
  • provide excellent reports and communication.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member of Australian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Member of Health Services Union of Australia
  • Member of Families of Children with a Disability Support Group
  • National Association for Conductive Education Inc: Honorary Life Member
  • Member of Rotary Club of Bendigo Strathdale
  • Member of Central Victorian Business Network

Services offered by Bendigo Regional Occupational Therapy

  • Home environmental assessments for falls prevention and safety
  • Home modifications in conjunction with builders and Architects
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Prescriptions of aids and equipment for independent living
  • Emergency alarm assessments
  • Seating assessment and prescription
  • Wheelchair and scooter assessment and prescription
  • Pressure care – tissue trauma prevention and management
  • Palliative care: assessment for needs at home and carer support
  • Nursing Home consultations


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